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Tarot of Dreams

This deck was created with the aid of  modern computer technology by Ciro Marchetti in collaboration with Lee Bursten.  Ciro Marchetti is already quite well known to Tarot enthusiasts because of his previous creation - the Gilded Tarot.  Thanks to Synergie Publishers, the Gilded Tarot is available in the Czech Republic under the name Zlaty tarot.

The Tarot of Dreams first appeared on the market in 2005.  According to the server Aeclectic Tarot, it quickly became one of the most popular Tarot decks in the world.

The deck's creators followed the example of Rider-Waite's classic Tarot, but the traditional themes have been expanded upon in new, creative ways.  Thus, the deck's color symbolism combined with the wide variety of symbols used are incredibly inspirational and function as a useful interpretational guide. The deck will answer any question.  Even those who have previously never come into contact with Tarot will be able to interpret the cards' meaning.  The individual cards incorporate as part of their design astrological signs with their corresponding symbols from the Hebrew alphabet and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

The meaning of each card is thoroughly explained in the handbook which accompanies the deck.  As you read the handbook, you will discover why each card means what it does and what each of the symbols means.  A CD  with the program Orphalese Tarot that uses the Tarot of Dreams deck also comes with the cards.  As part of the package you will also find included screensavers and desktop wallpapers that use the Tarot of Dreams as their theme.  You can view an animation that accompanies each card.  An electronic handbook is also included.  The Tarot of Dreams can be ordered directly from the author at

Odkaz Ciro Marchetti

My first encounter with the Tarot of Dreams deck took place in 2006 and I was thrilled with it at first sight.  The cards "talked" to me even before I read the enclosed handbook.  I was immediately fascinated by the thoroughness and the smooth lines of the design.  The author's thoughtful attention to every detail enhances the cards' depth.  The details that you can view here will show you the thoroughness of detail in every card.

Detail 6 pohárůdeatail- Eso mečů
Detail Rytíř holíDetail- Síla
Here you can see the details pictured on the following cards: 6 Cups (top left), Ace of Swords(top right), Knight of Wands(bottom left) and Strenght (bottom right)

Because I also sometimes work with computer graphics, I can easily imagine the almost unbelievable patience and attention to detail which Ciro employed in the process of creating these cards.  That is also why I was tickled pink when I saw the eight coins on the shelf in the back in which we can see portrayed Ciro Marchetti's previous deck entitled "The Gilded Tarot."  There is no doubt in my mind that in order to create such a fine piece of work it is necessary to first think through the entire process.  Then, thanks to the author's unique artistic gifts, knowledge, thoroughness and patience it becomes possible to carry the entire project through to completion.  All of this is evident in the eight coins.  I am quite delighted to see that Ciro is not a slave to stereotypical ideas of how an authentic Tarot deck should look and that he is not only able to bring to his Tarot new thoughts and ideas, but also that he allows himself to be playful and to use his sense of humor.

8 disků

A new conception of the Tarot can also meet with resistance from those who are used to working with a classic deck and are defenders of  this tradition.  Such Tarot practitioners may at first disagree with Ciro's reinterpretation.  However, let me assure you that every Tarot practitioner to whom I have shown this deck found it to be wonderful and everyone remarked upon the sophistication used in the making of the cards.  They also remarked upon the energy that each card represents and that they could feel just by viewing it.  The choice of a Tarot deck is a matter of individual preference and thanks to today's wide variety of choice, everyone can pick the deck that is closest to their heart.

The connection of knights to mythical animals that represent individual elements is truly captivating.

Rytíř mincíRytíř pohárůRytíř mečůRytíř holí

Other cards whose symbolic messages are, in my opinion, rendered by the author in a near-perfect manner are, for example, the 10 Wands, Temperance, the 9 Swords, the 3 Wands and the particularly well done Empress.  In short, the quality and the detail of the entire deck is simply amazing.


I have been a convert to the Tarot of Dreams ever since I first laid eyes on it.  That's also why I use it in my daily consultation practice with my clients who look for answers in every aspect of their lives.  I can therefore recommend it enthusiastically to beginners and advanced practitioners of Tarot alike.

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